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baVel: The comprehensive solution, superior to the ordinary computer generated invoice.

Thanks to baVel, our clients can electronically exchange information with their clients and suppliers (electronic invoices, orders, catalogues, quotes, reservations, etc) without having to deal with varying or incompatible file formats.

And that’s not all: our baVel platform also synchronizes all the various comprehensive solutions developed by Voxel Group to speed up the administration of purchasing, management, invoicing, etc. Providing powerful tools for control, monitoring and statistical analysis so that our clients can intelligently manage all the processes in their supply chain.

Why is baVel the definitive solution?


Because Voxel Group is world leader in hospitality and tourism sectors and thus, once your company has baVel installed, you will be automatically connected to the thousands of current and future users that integrate our network, without having to perform any technical adaptation.


Because if your company belongs to the hospitality and tourism sector, you will get immediate interconnection with aproximately 80% of your potential partners.


Because the baVel Manager can be rapidly and easily implemented, and the companies can continue to use their current information systems(ERP, PMS, etc.), without needing to train their employees.


Because Voxel Group has developed its own eBilling System implementation methodology, led by a Rollout Manager and an Implementation Manager , which will put a custom implementation plan together, so that in record time you would be interconnected to the whole of your clients and suppliers.


Because the main manufacturers of informatic solutions already have by default baVel connectors. ( see in Partners section, to check if your system already has default baVel connection).


Because baVel has different interfaces so that any of your suppliers and/or clients be excluded from electronic billing. With baVel Portal, the companies that don't have billing systems capable of exporting invoices in electronic format, will be able to manually generate them through the Internet.


Because baVel includes all the solutions to electronically streamline the management of the purchasing, management, invoicing, etc. processes (statistics, stock management, invoice reconciliation systems, integrated support for multiple transaction types, etc.).


Because Voxel Group is the only company in spain that can operate as supplier of electronic billing in the 3 cases covered by the law: Article 18.1.a (EDI), 18.1.b (digital signature) y 18.1.c (own platform).

Benefits obtained when using electronic invoices

The systems integration among clients and suppliers ERPs, that "talk" different languages, requires of a format "translator". This function is carried on by the baVel communication Manager, which constitutes, in practice, a "branch" of the network itself.

The Manager is a communication software that is installed in the client and in the supplier, and performs the following functions:


  • Automatic interconnection with the document sender's management system.
  • Document content and structure validation at the time of issuance, according to the recipient's requirements.
  • Email alerts issued to the sender, in case of error detection.
  • Digital signature of the documents to be sent.
  • Automatic management of communications and secure delivery to baVel central server.


  • Automatic communications management and secure connection to baVel central server.
  • Received documents digital signature verification.
  • Automatic delivery to the sender of an electronic acknowledgment of receipt.
  • Email alerts issued to the recipient, in case of error detection.
  • Conversion to the file format required by the recipient.
  • Export of the "translated" document to the recipient's management system .
  • Document management tools (document search, multiple format export, statictical reports, etc.).

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